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No, seriously, who are you?

June 8, 2009

It’s Monday. That means it’s time once again to dip into the Bag O’ Rejected CSI Teasers

Int-Machine Shop-Day

We see GIL GRISSOM entering the dimly lit Machine Shop, a blast of Nevada sun from behind him rendering him little more than a silhouette to those inside. He approaches an industrial press around which CAPTAIN BRASS and several uniformed officers have gathered.

The lower half of a female torso clad in a grey smock protrudes from betwixt the plates of the press, feet still on the ground as if waiting for the top half of the body to straighten up from its bent over position and resume its daily activities.

Brass notices Grissom’s presence.

You ever see The Fly?


The original? Yes.
I skipped the remake. Geena Davis is a whore.


Vic’s name is Esperanza Escobar. She worked here
for seven years as a cleaning woman. Has her
own set of keys to the shop. The last person to
see her was the shift supervisor,
Franklin Stewart. Says he left last night
at 9:00 p.m. right after she arrived.


We see  but do not hear from across the shop a distraught looking Franklin Stewart telling his story to the uniformed officers.

Grissom shines his flashlight on the puddle of blood on the shop floor and follows the trail back up to the lower torso.


The English translation of the name Esperanza is Hope.


Yeah, well I think we can say that Esperanza’s hopes were crushed


Editor’s Note: The venomous and frankly anachronistic dig at Geena Davis was particularly puzzling to this reader.

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